Virginia Continuing Education Course: Preparing a Market Analysis - Best Practices (3hr)

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Virginia CE:Preparing a Market Analysis - Best Practices (3hr)

Preparing a Market Analysis - Best Practices (3hr)

3 Total hours
0 Elective hours
3 Mandatory hours
In Virginia, this course is approved for 3 broker management hours.

Perhaps no task is more important than preparing a professional comparative market analysis. Whether for a buyer or seller, the CMA, properly done, can mean thousands of dollars in their pockets, and can make the difference between a sale and a sale fail. But because it’s such a well-worn tool, it’s tempting for a licensee to get complacent with the CMA, and “phone it in.” Don’t be that licensee.

This three hour course covers the how-tos of a professionally researched and presented comparative market analysis.          

Course highlights include:

  • The three-step approach to market analyses: the market, the property, the numbers
  • Sources for subject property data and market data
  • Using expired and active listings to inform pricing strategy
  • How to prioritize criteria when selecting comparables
  • How to adjust and homogenize selected comparables 
  • How to weight selected comparables when selecting a list price range